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Medical drapes folding and dividing machine


The machine is destined to produce folded medical drapes with TAPE. The process of production of the folded drapes is as follows: unwinding, longitudinal folding, TAPE application on the drape, cutting of the drape into required length, transport by conveyor belt(s).
The machine works fully automatic, operator only withdraws folded products from conveyor.

product card (PDF)

Technical specification

Name of the machine: Medical drapes folding and dividing machine

Type designation: SLR-1500

Machine dimensions (W-L-H): 2500-9700-2200 mm

Max./min. material width: 1500/500 mm

Max. reel of material diameter: 1000 mm

Core inside diameter: 76 mm

Max. width/diameter of TAPE: 60 mm/460 mm

Reel of TAPE core inside diameter: 76 mm

Height of folding: 100 nebo 200 mm or according custzomer’s need

Winding speed: max. 0,5 m/s

Material constant tension control and adjustment

Machine meets standards to be used in medical industry

Control system SIMATIC with touch screen (user settings, error messages, prescriptions,…)

Total power: 5,4 kW

Voltage: 3 N PE 230/400 V

Weight: 1200 kg

Year of production: 2006

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