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PVC pipe cutting machine


The machine is destined to no-splinter cut PVC pipes (thickness max. 2 mm) to length 200 – 350 mm.

product card (PDF)

Technical specification

Name of the machine: PVC pipe cutting machine

Type designation: DT-50

Machine dimensions (v/d/š): 1880/6100/1150 mm

Max. length of pipe to cut: 4000 mm

Output length of pipe: 200-350 mm according to user setting

Diameters of pipes to cut: 32, 40, 50 mm

Wall thickness of PVC pipe: 2 mm

Speed of pipe movement: 22 m/min

One pipe time of cutting: cca 3 s

Both manual and automatic operation of the machine

Control system with touch screen (user settings, error messages, prescriptions,…)

Total power: 1,9 kW

Voltage: 3 N PE 400/230 V

Weight: 520 kg

Year of production: 2011

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