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Semi-automatic laying/cutting machine


The machine is destined to create so-called sandwich made of non-woven and fiberglass with non-woven. The machine unwinds two materials, lays and cuts them to the required dimensions and then it applies the aluminium labels. To apply the labels there are the aluminium foil unwinding, measuring, cutting and heating devices.

product card (PDF)

Technical specification

Name of the machine: Semi-automatic laying/cutting machine

Type designation: PP-1520

Min./max material width: 1200 mm / 1520 mm

Min./max. material length: 1900 mm / 2300 mm

Min./max. aluminium foil width: 200 mm / 500 mm

Conveyor with precise positioning

Controlled unwinding from pneumatical expansion clamping shaft

Aluminium label heating at the temperature 600°C

Applying label device can rotate: ± 25°

SIMATIC control system including touch screen (user settings, error messages, prescriptions,…)

Total power: 7,3 kW

Weight: 980 kg

Year of production: 2005

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