Project Description

Sensor for pneumatic cylinder


Sensor SP-6 is destined for pneumatic cylinders with clean profile (tie rods inside the raised profile edges). Raised profile edges width: 13 – 16 mm. Sensor can be fixed by M5 bolt with point.

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Technical specification

Ordering number: 40120

Connecting voltage: 5-50 V ss. / 5-50 V stř.

Connecting current: 0,2 A

Max. connecting power: 10 W/VA

Indication: yes

Type of cable: Semoflex 2 x 0.24, diam. 3,6 mm

Length of sensor: 26 mm

Storage temperature: -20°C až +65°C

Working temperature: -30°C až +80°C

Protecting: IP 54

Standard length of cable: 2 m

Sensor bushing material: Aluminium ČSN 42 7710

Magnetic inductance 2 mm far from bushing: 100 ± 50 x 10-4 T to connect(inf. 20 Az)



Chart of SP sensors (dis)connecting

Example of magnetic toroid:

Parameters of protecting parts: D=69 mm, d=46 mm, h=8 mm, mat.: D300
Hm=9600 Acm-1, Hc=2200 Acm-1, axial magneting

Parameters of contacts of SP-x sensors are defined for ohmical load reading. It has to be diode, RC circuit, overvoltage protection (varistor, transil) or its combination used for correct function of SP sensors. More info see below.

Protecting while DC connecting

Parameters of safety components: Diode has to be dimensed for current in the electric circuit and the closing voltage of diode has to be 2 fold against connecting voltage. Varistor has to be dimensed at 1,5 fold of connected DC voltage.

Protecting while AC connecting

Parameters of protecting parts: Capacity of capacitor should be 0,05 – 0,5 microF, capacitor of type MP for min. voltage 3xUef. connected.
-Resistance 56 ohm (47-100). Varistor has to be dimensed at 2,5 fold of ef. value of connecting voltage.

Example of clean profile cylinders made by one of many producers

Sensors labeling SP(H)-X.uu.x.i / l

SP Sensor for pneumatic valve (contact)

SPH Sensor for pneumatic valve (contactless – Hall sensor)

X Type of bushing 2, 4, 5, 6

uu Max. connecting voltage: 05…50 V, 25…250 V

x Type of connecting voltage: no sign or x…DC and AC, y…only AC, y…only DC

i Max. connecting current: no sign…max. 0,5 A; 0,1…0,15 A; 0,2…0,2 A; 0,5…0,5 A; 0,7…0,7 A; 3…3 A

l Length of cable: no sign means 2 m (standard)

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