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Unwinding, measuring, inspecting and packing machine


The machine is destined to wind, inspect, measure and pack higher density textile materials or materials laminated with paper. Material is unwound from current customer’s reels or from machine unwinding reel. Then it is inspected and measured. The wound material is pushed to the roll-way by pneumatic cylinders and manually moved to the packing position. Operator rotates the reel to pack it, there is the packing paper manual winding reel too.

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Technical specification

Name of the machine: Unwinding, measuring, inspecting and packing machine

Type designation: PS-1600

Material width: 800 to 1600 mm

Max. input material reel diameter: 1500 mm (by customer’s reel), 1000 mm (by machine reel)

Max. material weight: 1000 kg (machine reel)

Max. output material reel diameter/weight: 450 mm / 150 kg

Winding core diameter: 70, 76, 152 mm

Adjustable material tension

Adjustable speed: 5 to 60 m/min

Controlled unwinding from pneumatical expansion clamping shaft

Packing material: paper, reel diameter 500 mm, reel width 2200 mm

SIMATIC control system including touch screen (user settings, error messages, prescriptions,…)

Inspecting light included

Total power: 9 kW

Voltage: 3 N PE 230/400 V

Weight: 2000 kg

Year of production: 2007

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