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Vertical foam cutting machine


Vertical foam cutting machine is destined to cut PUR and similar materials. Their typical features are: vertical cut with a belt knife, mobile table with a sliding guide and the possibility of automatic operation. It is produced in diverse design according to customer’s need (see design and pictures below).

product card (PDF)

Technical specification

Name of the machine: Vertical foam cutting machine

Type designation: BR-2100M

Optional size of moving table

Optional length of cut (table step)

Optional height of cut (height of material)

Material to cut: foam (PUR and similar) up to density 150 kg/m3

Band-saw grinding device driven by motor or generated by band saw move

Electronic measuring with length of table step preset and number of cut preset

Special tools for reels cutting

Optional exhausting for grinding device

Optional exhausting from cut

Adjustment of band saw velocity

Safety guarding, TUV certificate

Diverse type of band saw (according to material to cut)

Produced from 1997 in diverse design and variants

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